Experience New Lifestyle

It is a great honor for us to put our company experience again in 4towers project, were we combine the modern technique and engineering brilliancy. Ashur Ban Company sets a higher standard each passing day, and this is based on experience obtained every year. As we are trying to accomplish more comfortable and modern projects in Kurdistan we are determined to have all our projects in the region at a global level and create a tremendous impression all around the world. We depend highest levels in implementing our projects to ensure an attainment construction development of Kurdistan Region in the Middle East.


Appreciate your confidence 

Ashur Ban Company


High lifestlye quality and growing wealth is ensured in Erbil. Ankawa is a cheerfull area in the suburbs of the big pearl Erbil. The place to be, if you want a modern place to live in Northen Iraq. »

Lifestyle Resort

4Towers is an unique project, providing builings for living, worinkg, shopping, wellness and fitness. 4 builings for every demand of modern lifestyle. »

Smart Constructions

International architecture mixed with hight technoloy building standards will ensure a greatful living in the bulidings. Best quality materials are set by a professional working teams. »