The rolling hills that surround the city of Erbil with its ancient landscape include lots of oil and gas. These natural resources combined

with the stability of northern Iraq have helped to improve the luxury property boom in recent years.

International companies, investors and traders have discovered Erbil for themselves. In the last six years $20 billion investment

were assumed with some 2,000 companies. Because of the high oil prices, the region of Erbil is highly wealthy

and cooperative with internationals.

High living standard and wealth is growing extremely fast in Erbil. Luxury properties are growing and the trend shows that this

will keep going on. Property values have risen more than 3 times in the last three years.

In 10 years time, Erbil is considered to be comparable to high modern cities.

Erbil international airport shows obvious flight increase every month

This famous town has risen up extremely fast,

to become diplomatic and tourism capital for Kurdian Region and Iraq.

Building up the city and recreating a new perspective of living standard is the aim of the people living in this region.

Prospering wealth and high security is an important factor. 

4Towers is a symbol of this lifestyle.

It shows the modern technology on a high standard.

The future of the citizens of Erbil.